Monday, December 17, 2007

XanGo One Supplement Rules Them All!

XanGo™, an All Natural Blast of Whole Mangosteen Goodness in a Delicious Tasting Beverage that once you try, you'll never want to go a day without. Outrageous Taste In Every Sip - Nutritious Fun for the Whole Family!

  • Whole Mangosteen Fruit in its most bioavailable form, superior to pills, powders and tablets!
  • Over 130 Biologically Active Components
    - Nature's Super Anti-Oxidant!
  • Great Tasting Anti-Inflammatory Supplement Supporting Virtually Every System of the Body!
  • All Natural with no artificial flavors or colors and no added sweeteners!
  • Decades of Research shows Mangosteen to contain a Treasure Trove of Super Nutrients!

It wasn't until 40 years ago when scientists first put Mangosteen Fruit under the microscope that they discovered a brand new group of Phytonutrients we now know as Xanthones. (pronounced zan-thones)

Xanthones are 100 Times more Powerful Anti-Oxidants than Vitamins A, C & E and have also demonstrated Tremendous Healing Properties in Peer-Reviewed Scientific Studies from around the World.

Naturally occurring, these Supercharged Anti-Oxidants, are found more abundantly in the rind of the Mangosteen Fruit than any other food source on earth.