Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Mangosteen Drink?

Why Mangosteen Drink?

XanGo® Juice is a universal product. It’s a mangosteen drink that everyone can drink and benefit from. As a liquid, XanGo Juice lends itself to the global nature of the XanGo company: a mangosteen drink crosses borders much quicker than a pill or a capsule. It is extremely difficult to get products approved that come in those manufactured solid and powder forms. XanGo Juice is a whole mangosteen drink. We have created a seamless global opportunity. The product crosses borders because it is a functional beverage.

The most obvious reason for XanGo Juice to be a juice is, with a fruit like the mangosteen—with so much exotic flavor to offer—you want to allow the consumer to enjoy everything it has to offer. As a whole mangosteen drink, XanGo Juice maintains all the nuances, flavors and sensations of the fruit. We wouldn’t dare waste that on a powder or tablet. As a mangosteen drink, it has the distinct advantage of flavor and hydration, both being important things to all people.

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