Sunday, December 30, 2007

Setting a True Xanthone

A big round of applause for our research team. Their new study, driven by Dr. Edward Walker of Weber State University and XanGo’s science whiz Mike Pugh, establishes a true scientific standard for measuring xanthones from the mangosteen fruit.

This research marks an important threshold for the worldwide mangosteen supplement category. Prior to this study, there was no single-lab validated standard for xanthone identification and measurement in the celebrated mangosteen fruit.

What makes this research so special? It’s credible science. While XanGo was the engine that powered the work, an independent team of respected researchers steered the process and determined the findings. The study utilized AOAC protocols. AOAC International is a not-for-profit scientific association that sets standard methods which allow consumers to have confidence in analytical results obtained from scientific analysis.

Dr. Walker’s xanthone measurement standard provides the industry with a duplicable, analytical method of testing. And it shows that true appreciation of the mangosteen—and its benefits—begins with the whole fruit, as nature intended.

This study was peer-reviewed by a panel of experts and published in the June 2007 Journal of Separation Science. The Natural Products Association recognized Dr. Walker, Mike Pugh and the research team with first place for this landmark research. Click here to read all about this science award.

XanGo congratulates the research team for this outstanding accomplishment. As category creator and marker leader, we are dedicated to leading the way with credible research of the complete mangosteen fruit. This award-winning research ensures more consistent and reliable marketing of mangosteen products to consumers relative to claims of xanthone content.