Monday, December 10, 2007

Xango Story

Xango Juice Story
In The Beginning - The Curtain Rises-Everything has a story. Some stories reveal important discoveries. And some stories involve the evolution of that discovery. And truly remarkable stories detail a discovery, some serious thought and the creation of a product that will change the world.

So, what is the story of XanGo Juice?
The story of XanGo starts with a finding so rare and exotic it is often referred to simply as the Queen of Fruits. The story of XanGo starts with the mangosteen

Meet Joe - The World is Full of Surprises- Joe Morton has seen the world. He has lived in exotic locations. He has a passport with stamps from every corner of the world. And Joe has an eye for discovery. He is a man on the lookout for the next great botanical, picking through fruits and herbs in search of the world’s most natural secrets.

One night, under the roof of an open-air café in Southeast Asia, Joe sat down for dinner. Little did he know that good fortune was about to strike.

Discovery - The Goodness of Mangosteen- Following the meal, the server delivered a dessert unlike anything Joe had ever seen or tasted. A fruit with a succulent white pulp and a flavor so exquisite that it can’t even be described. It was the mangosteen.

After his first taste, Joe was entranced and immediately began to research all there was to know about the mangosteen. From local folklore to online libraries, he exhausted every available resource in his investigation of this intriguing fruit.

You could say that answers arrived in piles. His research revealed that the mangosteen, the so-called Queen of Fruits, had been used by the local people to treat various ailments. The purple rind contained an abundance of xanthones—high-powered antioxidants that provide a number of health benefits—and that these compounds contained the secret of the mangosteen’s power. Realizing that the mangosteen was virtually unknown outside of Asia, Joe knew that he would share this incredible discover with the world—unleashing the natural goodness and nutritional benefits of the mangosteen.

Unleashed - Introducing the “Queen” to the World- Mangosteen was largely unknown to the world at the point of Joe’s discovery. But Joe, along with his brother Gordon and long-time friend Aaron Garrity knew that a discovery of this scope could not be ignored.

They quickly decided to introduce the mangosteen to the world through the smooth strength of a revolutionary supplement: XanGo Juice.

ust the Beginning - The XanGo story- And so the XanGo story begins. And now it travels across the ocean to start a new chapter here in Japan.

Delicious XanGo Juice. The harnessed power of the Queen of Fruits. The worldwide introduction to the mangosteen. Now is the time to write the first page in your own great story.