Monday, December 24, 2007

Starting Your a new Home Business?

If you knew what I know about XanGo, nothing would stop you
from starting your own home business today!

With so many opportunities available I was in a spin...

There are the get rich quick opportunities! Don't need to do anything businesses! How is it possible to choose the right business without going bankrupt trying them all out. I was in a spin and still very skeptical about the XanGo product and network marketing but my research indicated that XanGo offered the best possible choice. I decided to at least try the product.

I ordered XanGo and paid the membership fee to buy it at wholesale. In the beginning I was still not sure about the opportunity, but I could not help but tell people I knew, about the results that I had experience since taking the Mangosteen juice. I would tell them about the juice and then send them to my web site (our FREE team web site) and they would learn more about the juice and the opportunity for themselves. Within a few days a couple of these people that visited my web site signed up on the spot and I soon started receiving commission checks from XanGo. They were only small to begin with, but I wasn't working the business either, so I was very surprised to receive anything.

I continued telling people about XanGo and the people that I told were telling other people, and more more people were joining my organization. I then realized, even though I had not intended to pursue the XanGo network marketing opportunity, I was networking about the juice, and this turned into a very large organization of distributors which grows in leaps and bounds each and every day. I can't even give you an accurate number, because as soon as I state the number, it has grown again with new distributors.

I no longer commute to work, and spend my days working hard in a job that has no room for advancement. I have now been working from home as a full time XanGo distributor for a year now, and absolutely love this business. I have a great organization of XanGo distributors and as my business partners, I enjoy every minute working with them, and seeing them achieving their own personal success.

It just doesn't get any better than this! I invite you to partner with us for better health and financial freedom.

Why is XanGo so Amazing?

XanGo - Record beating Sales Records
XanGo opened for business in November 2002 and exploded into the market with phenomenal sales and it just keeps on getting better year after year.

  • $50 Million in sales in their first year in business
  • $150 Million in sales in their second year in business
  • $400 Million in sales in the year 2005