Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Xango Goodness

XanGo Goodness Kicks Off!

Some of you may have heard a little buzz about how XanGo is enhancing its charitable commitment with a new, branded global philanthropic program: XanGo Goodness. Now we’re proud to announce that the XanGo Goodness movement is officially launching worldwide.�

As most of you know, charitable action is part of XanGo’s DNA.� From our beginning, 3 1/2 years ago, a portion of the profit from the sale of each bottle of XanGo® Juice has been dedicated to our philanthropic efforts, which are primarily focused on serving the needs of children. From cities across the U.S. to the jungles of PerĂº and all the way to the shores of Thailand, XanGo is helping to change the world:

  • teaching disease prevention to children in Africa
  • giving families of sick kids in Japan a place to find rest while their children receive medical attention
  • funding and staffing clinics and medical assistance for underserved Peruvian families
  • helping with money and manpower to reconstruct a village after a devastating tsunami in Thailand

With the tremendous foundation which has been built upon your efforts, we are preparing to take out global charitable program to the next level, through the XanGo Goodness movement. The focus of this movement is results, not just the act of giving.� XanGo Goodness is designed to mobilize XanGo’s global resources—namely our distributors and consumers—to serve communities in need.� XanGo Goodness represents a strategic expansion of our philanthropic program with greater international reach, increased charitable partners, and a confirmed mission to help kids and families.

Many of you have asked how you can be more involved in our charitable work.� XanGo Goodness is built for you—and will be driven and empowered by you.� Distributors are at the core of the XanGo Goodness movement.

To find out how you can join this movement, we encourage you to visit our new web site, XanGoGoodness.org and sign up for our newsletter and special alerts. There you can get the latest on current projects and uncover new ways to take action.� Check out our new blog, Goodness in Motion, where special guest writers will talk about the movement and our global charitable initiatives.

We invite you to join the movement. Come be a part of the XanGo Goodness.