Sunday, December 9, 2007

Mangosteen Juice

What's the deal with the mangosteen fruit? Considered by many (especially people who work on commission at health food stores) to be a "super fruit," the juice of this mysterious fruit has somehow found its way into my refrigerator.

There is actually a story, which is most likely apocryphal, about Queen Victoria offering a cash reward to anyone who could deliver her this fabled fruit. Known mostly for being a powerful antioxidant and for its alleged ability to help reduce the effects of arthritis, the mangosteen fruit has long been a thing of legend (referred to as the "Queen of Fruits" in Asia and the "Food of the Gods" in the French Caribbean).

But, is this all just a bunch of B.S.? According to the folks at the Mayo clinic, there have not been any studies, performed on humans, that would substantiate any claims involving the efficacy of the mangosteen fruit in fighting inflammation or possessing antioxidant properties. That being said, however, animal tests using the mangosteen fruit have revealed its value for these, and other, medical purposes.

So it would seem, then, that the only benefit I know for sure that I am getting from that bottle of mangosteen juice in my fridge is the taste.