Sunday, December 30, 2007


The brand name “XanGo” was created from two words: “xanthones” and “mangosteen.” And while this brand name represents the origin of the beverage, it has also come to represent much more to the people who enjoy it.

XanGo is a true category-creator, since there was no other product like it until we came around. Being the first to market gives XanGo a distinct advantage over look-alike products, and that helps XanGo to be best in market. We are the worldwide leader in mangosteen-based dietary supplementation. No one else comes close.

At XanGo, we realize that the success of our brand is built on a solid foundation: the energy and efforts of thousands of independent thinkers. Our pledge is to use our unique position to provide unmatched quality that will be a continuing source of pride for our employees, distributors and customers.

XanGo™ Juice is a truly unique product with natural, universal appeal.

We harness the incredible nutritional power of the whole mangosteen fruit, then offer it in the form of an indescribably delicious beverage. Some people detect a hint of strawberry, while others are reminded of kiwi, pomegranate or grape.

The complex flavor of this sweet, dry beverage, however, wins instant praise from all who try it. And an ounce or two in the morning is all you need to start your day invigorated, rejuvenated and energized.

As the first commercial product to feature the complete nutrition of the whole mangosteen fruit, XanGo is an indisputable category-creator, unleashing a new superstar in the world of health supplements