Friday, December 21, 2007

Xango Growth

An Exclusive, First to the Market, product backed by 30 years of research in a “high absorption” liquid formulation that provides most users with noticeable results. XanGo® Juice creates a whole new category of health product. After hundreds of years of benefits in Asia, the mangosteen fruit is now available.

Consumers spend Billions of dollars on nutritional supplements each year and most of them have absolutely no idea whether these products are helping them. XanGo® Juice has the results. It works. It helps people and they know it. This is the foundation for our success. In addition, The Health and Wellness industry is on fire and just reaching the tipping point as the baby boomers look for alternatives.

XanGo, LLC is just 4 years old but is already experiencing record-breaking growth in 16 countries! We are already the number 5 nutritional company in US sales volume and all that with ONE very powerful product. Wow! to view chart.

We have a “dream team” management team with global vision and an incredible track record of success and experience in the industry. No company can exceed the vision, experience and know how of it's management team. XanGo, LLC is already operated like a Billion $ company.