Saturday, December 8, 2007

Xango Company

XanGo Company Profile

A recognized creator of the mangosteen supplement category, XanGo, LLC, originated from the great minds of its six founders, who put into motion what has been revered for centuries – the power of the mangosteen fruit. The founders of XanGo wondered why this dietary supplement hadn't been brought to market before, due to its long history of traditional use for thousands of years. But in 2002, XanGo created a new category of supplements when it became the first company to market a premium mangosteen beverage, XanGo® Juice, to consumers worldwide.

The creative and ambitious drive behind XanGo includes founders Gary Hollister, Aaron Garrity, Kent Wood, Joe Morton, Gordon Morton and Bryan Davis. They were the first to take the necessary steps to bring this fruit and its benefits to the world as a beverage supplement. This innovative team of executives is dedicated to leading their category with the world’s best mangosteen products. As a category creator, XanGo excels in its leadership role, delivering the best mangosteen supplement in the market. The founders’ combination of vision, product focus, industry experience, business acumen and communications savvy has driven XanGo to rank among the fastest growing brands in the marketplace.

Based in Utah, XanGo is privately owned and powered by a global network of independent distributors. Due to the product’s explosive growth and the much needed speed of bringing the product to the people faster than any other marketing method, XanGo founders' decision to employ a direct sales business model to distribute its product has served the company well. A young, exciting company with skyrocketing sales revenues requires this caliber of delivery and performance, so it can support its tremendous growth and high level of distribution. Leading a surging global network of enthusiastic independent distributors, the executive team is poised to ensure that XanGo’s success progresses without limits.

Combining two words, xanthones and mangosteen, XanGo derives its name from the two elements that make it the unparalleled dietary supplement that it is, celebrating the goodness of its natural and historic discovery. Using an exclusive whole fruit puree of the Garcinia mangostana in its proprietary formula, XanGo Juice unleashes the power of xanthones, a family of vigorous phytonutrients with antioxidant properties. Research shows the ingredients in XanGo Juice help neutralize free radicals, support a healthy cardiovascular system, maintain intestinal health, support cartilage and joint function, maintain a healthy seasonal respiratory system, and support a healthy immune system.*

XanGo also finds time to actively support numerous philanthropic causes worldwide. Its partnership with Operation Kids, a public charity that supports a diverse group of effective children’s charities, helps to improve education, safety, environment, health, welfare and well being for children around the world.

So what does a company like XanGo see for the future? A company built on focus, XanGo is intent on leading the market as the worldwide leader in mangosteen-based dietary supplementation. With corporate and charitable goals alike, it’s easy to see why XanGo is the new superstar in the health supplement industry.

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