Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Make Your Health Your Priority

How the health is working! Nobody wants to die young. We know about old, healthy people. You do not just put years in to life you have to live it as well in healthy way. See a doctor as a client/patient relationship. A diet and exercise combined with supplement. You need it to prevent the diseases. Smoking and supplement. Smoking people is the no 1 risk of cancer; they take a huge healthy risk. People with no supplement live the same risky life as a smoker. They take a bigger risk for cancer.

What do you need to take as supplements? Vitamins and minerals. An orchestra leader is Xanthones. The Xanthones you can find in the fruit of Mangosteen from Thailand. They are anti inflammatory and anti oxidants.

It is a food extract; let food be your medicine. Use fibres in the diet too. Especially oat is good for the cholesterol. Eat a lot of fruit and vegetables. Contains water to cleanse the system. Think every time you are eating is this clogging me or is it cleansing? It’s a good key. Sleeping is vital too. It is in the rest you become stronger. Like when you are training. It is not when you train you’ll become strong. When you sleep the body recovers from all stress hormones. So the body will heal in peace and harmony. The brain will delete silly information and store the good stuff. So let’s go to the training part. Is it necessary with training? Oh yes. The body was born to physical work.

Now a day we are sitting too much in offices. This is a scary thought that if you do not train your but it will slide down 5,12 in down to your thighs and disappears in your boots! We do not want that! We feel better with more oxygen in the body. The oxygen goes up to the brain through the bloodstream. So you need to move your body to get the blood flowing. Get it going up to your brain. The more oxygen it has the more energetic you will become. You feel less tired and more alert.

The more alert you are the more you can support relatives and friends. Bring them along to train together. We are social species as well. We have people around us who are singles. They need us too. Put the hand on somebody sometimes to use your healing skill, everybody has got it. Look what happens when a child is hurt. We pamper them, put the hand at the hurt spot and suddenly they stop crying!

So eat well, drink a lot of water. Eat lots of fruit and veggies. Sleep well in the nights. Dream much. Hold hands and talk lovely words to each other topped with vitamins, minerals and drink Xango juice! Be Happy and Healthy!

MarieLouise is working as a personal trainer and a life coach. She is also very skilled as a networker with several years experience from different MLM companies.