Monday, December 17, 2007

The Company Xango

Xango The Google of The Supplement World

Many experts think so, as XanGo™ has proven to be the fastest growing health and wellness product to ever hit the market, and is in the process of writing one of the greatest success stories in the history of business!

  • Nearly USD 500 million in sales by the 3rd year of business with just one single product!
  • XanGo™ is the First Commercially Available Mangosteen Product, Ever. So Unique, it's Patented!
  • On track to reach $1 Billion by 2007, less than half the time it took Microsoft!

In Just Three Years XanGo is Already Bigger than These Brands!

The Best Team!

Never before has a network marketing company launched with the number of seasoned corporate management executives as XanGo™. Literally every member of the team has been in the field as top level distributors and/or in top level managment with BIG network marketing companies.

Joe Morton, president of international and distributor relations
Joe Morton treats business like an Ironman triathlon: He never stops. With previous multimillion-dollar companies, Joe has turned around weak markets and grown them by 400%.

Aaron Garrity, President & CEO
Most of us struggle through early-morning classes and skip a few too many tests during college. Aaron Garrity, on the other hand, polished off an MBA and Juris Doctorate (just as impressive as it sounds) in International Law—at the same time. Tack on 10 years of industry-giant experience, and it’s no surprise that Aaron now stands at the helm of one of the fastest–growing network marketing companies in history.

Bryan Davis, executive VP, international relations
Billion-dollar international contracts? Check. Global contacts and experience? Check and check. Commitment to contributing to the communities we serve? Triple-check. Bryan Davis builds relationships. His tools: a category-creating company with roots in giving, a sound business plan, brainpower, a firm handshake and an inviting smile. Whether meeting with government officials or gaining the support of key influencers, Bryan aptly serves as XanGo’s resident ambassador.

Kent Wood, president of operations
Some superheroes are cool. Others are freakishly strong. And still others posses mental capabilities beyond belief. Kent Wood hides his business prowess behind an Idaho upbringing and a smile that betrays his dominance. A financial expert, Kent knows the ins and outs of building, maintaining and growing an industry giant.

Gordon Morton, president of sales and marketing
From skiing to business, nothing beats actual experience. And Gordon Morton has lived it all. Gordon’s experience as a full-time distributor and corporate powerhouse give him the skills and know-how to keep his skis pointed downhill and his eyes on the gate

Gary Hollister, chairman
Vision that never flinches. A résumé that defies comparison. A golf swing that’ll put a tear in your eye. Gary Hollister has always been a man of vision: As president and COO of Merle Norman Cosmetics, Gary doubled the number of stores and skyrocketed sales to $250 million. His extraordinary ability to see things as they are—and envision what they could be—makes him exempt from any ridiculous nickname and marks Gary as the ultimately ideal leader.