Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Xango Executive Team

Gary Hollister, CEO

The Visionary. Gary Hollister has always been a man of vision. Armed with an accounting degree, he went to work for Merle Norman Cosmetics and within 14 years became the president and COO of the company. He instituted remarkable changes for the time—changes that doubled the number of stores and skyrocketed sales to $250 million. Gary’s extraordinary ability to see things as they are—and envision what they could be— makes him the ideal person to lead XanGo into a very bright future.

Kent Wood, Executive VP, CFO
The Count. Kent Wood combines all the skills necessary to oversee the global financial growth of a highly successful network marketing company. After all, he served as a senior auditor with Grant Thornton—the world's seventh largest international accounting firm, charged with auditing a host of network marketing enterprises. This experience positioned Kent perfectly to oversee the vast financial expansion of XanGo.

Joe Morton, Executive VP, Operation
The Powerhouse. Some people simply don't have an “off” button. Joe Morton doesn't know how to quit, whether it's running a grueling Ironman triathlon or opening entire countries to new and exciting opportunities. Under Joe's leadership with previous multi-million dollar companies, weak markets have turned around and grown by 400%. Why? It's a dogged determination, a workhorse attitude that won't allow Joe to be satisfied with modest success. And it's this same attitude of commitment and dedication that empowers the success experienced by XanGo.

Gordon Morton, Executive VP, Sales & Marketing
The Communicator. When it comes to understanding the challenges and obstacles, the joys and successes of being a network marketing distributor, nothing beats actual experience. Gordon Morton spent years as a full-time distributor in one of the industry's leading dietary companies, and he has never forgotten the elation of having corporate headquarters respond to suggestions from the field. These experiences have shaped Gordon's career, and he attributes his success—and that of XanGo—to listening to, understanding, and acting on the input of distributors.

Bryan Davis, Executive VP, International Operations
The Rainmaker. Bryan Davis has the background, experience, and temperament that allowed him to negotiate international contracts worth billions of dollars while previously working with a global enterprise. Is that kind of experience important? It is when you're the General Counsel of XanGo, with explosive growth reaching far beyond U.S. borders. Bryan's abilities ensure that XanGo's success will continue without limits.

Aaron Garrity, President, COO
The Professional. Aaron Garrity embodies both the professionalism and enthusiasm that are required to be the president of one of the fastest-growing network marketing companies in history. It helps to have impressive university degrees: a Masters of Business Administration and a law degree focusing on International Business Law. Add to this education 10 years of real-world experience implementing and overseeing the marketing efforts of two industry giants, and it's clear that Aaron's unrelenting drive to succeed positions him perfectly to lead XanGo to stratospheric success.