Saturday, January 19, 2008

Xango Review

XanGo is a relatively new dietary supplement and a special beverage, only one of its kind. XanGo brand name is a combination of Mangosteen and Xanthones. Mangosteen fruit has excellent xanthone content, which has many beneficial effects for your health. Mangosteen fruit is popular in Asia, China, and a common element in many Chinese and Ayurvedic medicines. It was relatively unknown in the West until recently. Now, of course, it is an important component of major health drink, Xango.

Mangosteen is a tropical fruit with two harvests in each year. It takes around a decade for a Mangosteen plant to mature and yield fruits. Full-grown trees are over eighty feet in height and produce many fruits each year. Medicinal value of this fruit is high as it is useful in warding off infections, controlling fever, increasing energy, preventive against disease, natural anti-inflammatory, etc. However, its exclusive and exquisite taste overbears everything. It has therefore earned the titles of Fruit of the Gods and Queen of Fruits. Mangosteen however, does not grow in the temperate zone. Xango imbibes all xanthone elements of Mangosteen fruit.

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Xanthone, major component of energy drink Xango contains excellent antioxidant power. These natural substances have immense medicinal value and are useful in maintaining a healthy immune system. It improves flexibility of joints and is best for maintaining microbiological balance in body. Additionally, xanthone provides excellent mental support. Another major factor is that Mangosteen fruit contains xanthone in entire fruit with rich deposits in its rind.

You need to take three doses of Xango, each constituting one to three ounces each day if you are suffering from any illness. Ideally, take Xango before meals for best effects. Various nutritional supplements go to make Xango exquisite and unique, both in taste and utility.

No doubt, Xango drink is gaining popularity and has huge sales when compared to other popular soft drinks. Its huge popularity and medicinal value is responsible for its wide market. This is a major factor for many people venturing to become distributors of major health drink-Xango.