Thursday, January 3, 2008

XanGo Record Breaking Company

Ever since the 2002 launch of XanGo they have continued to break every single record for growth in network marketing arena. Below are just some of the amazing accomplishments of XanGo an award winning company.

  • XanGo reported in November 2005 -- there GROWTH RATE was 214% forin the LAST 6 MONTHS.
  • XanGo has Broken every industry recordso far with OVER $40 MILLION in sales their 1st year, and $150 MILLION in sales their 2nd year, and over $300 MILLION in sales their 3rd year (of which $150 Million was paid out in bonuses to distributors) -- NO other company has come even close, to XanGo EVER!
  • After only 3 years in business, XanGo™ already has the 5th highest sales for a network marketing company in the United States, and will soon pass the 4 that are still ahead. Below is how it stacks up:
    1. Avon - been in business 118 years (Avon is actually more of a direct sales model), is in 60 markets and has 2500 products
    2. Amway (Quixtar) - been in business 45 years is in 80 markets and has 450 products
    3. Mary Kay - been in business 41 years is in 30 markets and has 200 products
    4. Herbalife - been in business 25 years is in 58 markets and has 125 products
    5. XanGo™ - BEEN IN BUSINESS ONLY 3 YEARS! Is in 10 markets and has only 1 product
  • XanGo is on track to be at $1 Billion in sales in 4-5 years from start up (1 to 2 years from now), XanGo has also increased its corporate projection to be at $2 Billion in annual sales at 7 years from start up or 4 years from now (2009). That is faster then any other company public or private in history! It tool EBay 6 years to reach 1 billion in sales and it took Microsoft 12 years to reach 1 billion!

The above facts prove without a doubt that XanGo works! The product is not only the best mangosteen based full functional health beverage, but it backed by an amazing company. Don't let this chance slip by and order XanGo today!

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