Sunday, January 27, 2008

StreamLine Sponsoring

How does this work? Streamline sponsoring is building one strong leg at a time. It creates massive energy and excitement, as volume grows so much more quickly for everyone. It means that even customers can get checks. This really helps with retention.

My Jet Stream has several advantages as well, including autoresponders, videos which explain the company, product, and how we make money streamlining, a brand new Carl Lewis video, weekly training calls and more. Carl Lewis, you probably know, is the multiple gold medal Olympic winner who is now a XanGo distributor. His video is very powerful and has a high conversion rate overall for those who are using it. When people opt in to My Jet Stream they get notification emails when others sign up after them. These people potentially can be in their XanGo downline. When someone does enroll in XanGo, the system sends out emails letting people know they can have a check and built in downline if they enroll by Sunday night, otherwise they lose that person forever.

The system is the result of hard work by Corey Citron, a top XanGo distributor who several years ago founded a similar system called the Concorde group, which resulted in signing up over 80,000 distributors in a year and a half.

Building a team using streamline sponsoring is much more powerful and beneficial for everyone rather than building wide. The XanGo compensation plan includes dynamic compression which means if someone in your downline doesn't order product one month, the commissions due "roll up" to the next qualified person, thus ensuring whoever is qualified will get paid.