Thursday, January 3, 2008

About Mangosteen Fruit

My dad is a big believer in “don’t say it unless you mean it.” He told me this all the time. Still does.

This value of meaning what you say is an important one for our business. There’s an inherent responsibility in marketing a natural product. Those who distribute and consume dietary supplements are seeking a benefit and they deserve to know what they are getting.

XanGo® Juice is recognized as a “whole fruit” dietary supplement. We say whole fruit. And we mean it.

When we created XanGo Juice - and a new dietary supplement category - we developed a propriety whole fruit formula designed to give the world the great taste and benefits of the entire mangosteen fruit.

Our proprietary formula for XanGo Juice begins with a puree of the whole mangosteen fruit from the best farms. XanGo sources and purees the whole fresh mangosteen — pulp, rind and seeds - so you can receive the benefits of the fruit as nature intended.

The mangosteen is nature’s most concentrated source of xanthones. Research shows the mangosteen’s xanthones are centralized in the rind or pericarp, the outer skin of the fruit. In addition to xanthones, the mangosteen is rich in flavonoids, catechins and proanthocyanidins.

XanGo Juice delivers the full benefit of some 40 xanthones as well as the advantage of other powerful nutrients through true usage of the whole fruit.

Many products within our category use powders, extracts or select parts from the mangosteen and claim to deliver “the whole fruit.” This claim can be misleading to consumers in pursuit of mangosteen nutrients and benefits.

Some mangosteen products use only the pulp, the inner part of the fruit. The use of the pulp and exclusion of the rind where most of the xanthones reside is not the “whole fruit.”

The use of extracts of the mangosteen and the use of powders in an attempt to add xanthones or other elements can actually lead to a reduction of the fruit’s natural nutritional value. By definition, extract clearly does not mean “whole fruit.”

Those who want to market this amazing fruit should recognize nature’s perfection. We can’t make the mangosteen better by taking it apart.

Manufacturers who aim to be part of this exciting category have a right to make their mangosteen products their way. And consumers in pursuit of the mangosteen’s health benefits have a right to know the truth.

Dad knows best. His advice can serve all of us.

If you say “whole fruit,” you should mean it.


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