Saturday, January 5, 2008

Xango News Update

A date looms large on our 2008 calendar—very large—and it should be on your radars as well: visit XANGO.TV ( on Monday, January 14, 2008. A landmark broadcast will be available for 48 hours only beginning at 7 p.m. US ET. Remember it. Save the date.

We have set up a live, online, special motivation and mobilization program, hosted by the XanGo Founders. We're calling it the Online Invasion, and it's the first of its kind, not just at XanGo, but first to the entire industry.

Let’s make it happen. We’re poised to reach new heights in online viewership. Distributors worldwide can join us online for a special message from the company where we'll kick off another major global campaign. The big announcements won't stop there, though. We're going to officially unveil the new XanGo Single and get you up to speed on Launch 2008 news.

Your XanGo Team