Tuesday, January 8, 2008

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What Is a Streamline? How Does It Work?

Unlike most opportunities, our cutting-edge strategy allows everyone to work as a TEAM, sponsoring and placing ALL new customers and members in one single line going down vertically creating maximum teamwork and velocity. Each one of these teams is called a Streamline. Right now in fact, it is likely that there is an entire team of people, that are all actively placing people below you in your Streamline.

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Streamline Sponsoring with Dynamic Compression!
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Because XanGo's innovative compensation plan employs an innovation called “dynamic compression” you can actually earn overrides on many if not all of these customers and business builders once you put our proven system to work for you.

This innovation is so startling that, once understood, it makes even the most seasoned professional's heart skip a beat. Forget everything you thought you knew about compensation plans because this one literally turns it upside down by paying out commissions from the bottom up.

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Although building Streamlines doesn't guarantee your success it gives you the best chance you'll ever have at achieving long lasting success in the home based business and network marketing arena. Of course your efforts are required to maximize your Streamline'S potential.

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Streamline Sponsoring Explained DOCUMENT
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